Hi, I'm Nara Lee!

I'm an Entrepreneur for over a decade, a Spiritualista & Creative. I help women and soulful entrepreneurs design more successful businesses & lifestyles through an integrative approach of mind/body/spirit.

  Are you ready to create a life & business aligned with your true authentic self?

Business or Spirituality?


Behind the Scenes

For the past 12 years I have led a successful career in International Real Estate & Travel. My closet self was a highly creative and spiritual being, passionate about human behaviour, human potentiality and been doing spiritual work since age 11. In 2015 I almost lost my life, and had a series of Spiritual Awakenings which taught me the greatest lesson of all: that the most important thing we can do with our time here, is to live on purpose, and to leave the world a better place, with our own unique light. This 'wake up call' led me to decide to:

1. Live on Purpose and help others do the same

2. Help Empower Women to Conquer from Within

3. Dedicate my life to personal growth, healing, and teaching

4. Share what I have learned thus far, and help leave the world a better place,

through Profit for Non-profit projects

Our lives are always work in progress, but I commit to share with you, the lessons I have learned thus far.

Current Projects