Entrepreneur, Artist and Spiritualista


Nara Lee is a Spiritual Teacher, Social Entrepreneur and Artist. She helps people awaken to their Life Purpose and their True Authentic Selves, to achieve Purposeful Success, through her channeled messages, books and courses. Her spiritual teachings are practical and actionable, removing much of the fogginess and bringing clarity to many of life's important subjects.

Prior, Nara acted as CEO and Managing Director of an International Real Estate Firm, and was previously a Manager at Cushman & Wakefield Residential. She has over 12 years experience in international luxury real estate and travel expertise, managing projects usually from £200 mil to over a billion, on behalf of various international property developers and funds.

Nara graduated with a Post Grad in Business Management (Tourism) and Development Studies & Social Transformation with key focus on Anthropology (the study of humanity), Sociology (the study of human social behaviour & identity formation) and Gender and Women's Studies.

She has simultaneously behind the scenes spent her entire life studying human behaviour, potentiality and spirituality - through direct practice, as well as through the lense of various human studies - Spirituality, Religious Studies, Acting, Anthropology, Sociology, Gender & Women studies.


Nara believes that in order to live a purposeful meaningful and successful life we must be aligned with our Life Purpose, as well as with our Passion, Goals and Dreams.

True Success (beyond money) comes from identifying our unique gifts and talents, owning them, and using them constructively, in a way that serves others, whilst also staying true to our own passions and goals.

She combines solid actionable and practical advice with solid Spiritual wisdom and practices.


Life Purpose, Women's Empowerment, Awakening, Living on Purpose, Alignment, Authenticity, True Self


Her process for creating an Awakened Life starts from:

1. Discovering your Passion (or re-connecting with it)

2. Connecting and Discovering your Life Purpose

3. Creating Goals that are Aligned with your Higher Self & Life Purpose

4. Creating a Business, or Career that is Aligned with your True Unique Authentic Self & your Purpose

5. Re-Designing your Life







Unity | Oneness| Collaboration

Love & Compassion


Nara's hobbies include travelling to exotic countries, learning from the local communities and reporting back, interviewing highly inspirational people, reading, writing, dancing, learning new creative skills such as acting and freediving, studying new philosophies, religions and ways of life, and spending time on the beach, nature, and idyllic islands. She is also a technology lover, or better said, tech-obsessed.