I attended an international and multicultural boarding school, called Waterford Kamhlaba, which is part of the United World Colleges movement and also was one of the very first multi-racial schools in Africa, with a mix of students and teachers from all over the world. Its mission was and is to use education as force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future

“We are all of the earth, which does not see differences of colour, religion or race. We are ‘kamhlaba’ – all of one world.”- Waterford Kamhlaba

 After that i completed my last two years of high school in Cape Town.



I attended  University of Cape Town, where I studied Development Studies and Social Transformation and graduated with a BSocSci in Anthropology, Sociology and Gender and Women Studies.

Post Graduate in Business Management specializing in Tourism, as well as Property Development and Investment.

Between all these places i picked up a few languages, so i speak English, Portuguese, a bit of Spanish and Italian.


I studied Screenwriting and TV Presenting, followed by Acting in LA (Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute and Aaron Spieser acting school), London (Central School of Speech and Drama) and Rome. I also did ballet and contemporary dance from age 5.


You can read all about my professional background on my LinkedIn Profile


Travel, Writing, Reading, Learning new skills and new things all the time. The ocean. I love all things Space/ Stars / Universe.  I am obsessed with studying life, human potentiality and human behaviour. I love nature. I love acting, cinema and documentaries.  I love spiritual practice, as well as studying different religions, philosophies, the "paranormal", as well as different ways of life and living. But out of these things the most common denominator for me is learning - I am obsessed with Learning and Growing; I took on acting only as a means to further study and understand human behaviour. Anthropology & Sociology, helped me with the same. I love freediving, even though I am only a beginner, but again it unlocks more pieces of the puzzle of human potentiality and allows us to connect more with life and nature; it's all about being a student of life; oh, how could i forget -  technology :)