All Roads Lead to Love


All Roads Lead to Love

By the time we finish fighting, with ourselves, or with each other, we will come to the realisation, that all roads, lead to Love.

Love of Oneself, Love for Humanity, Love for our Creator and the Love of Life itself.

What is required  however, is that we drop our Ego, and our ideas of how life is supposed to be, and how things are supposed to happen. Sometimes, when something is taken away from you, you think you are being punished. Then you think, "oh my god, this is a downgrade". As you continue to walk on this experience, you will pass a tunnel. You will look back, and it's pitch black. You will look ahead, and won't see nothing. You will think, omg this the end of the world. Did I just die?

But if you can just keep walking, forward, towards the Light, you will understand that darkness and light, are two sides of the same coin. Warriors are made in the darkness. They choose to Rise and continue walking strong, even when it's pitch black.

If you can only find, that bit of strength, to take just one more step, when you come out the other side of the tunnel, you will reach the same conclusion: what seemed to be a "Downgrade", was in fact an "Upgrade" of your entire life. 

Just like a mother experiences pain when giving birth to a new baby, when the baby is born, she must hold on to the Love that was born. Not to pain it took, to bring such Love & Beauty to Life.