Don't search for love. BE the love!


The more I live, the more I realise that Life is about Love.

Love for oneself, Love of others, Love for all living creatures, and Love for ALL of life, regardless of how it presents itself to you.

This is such a simple truth, yet so profound, for it is not possible to measure or even conceptualize the force of love through words. Even the gesture of love for oneself or others cannot be measured in words, only in beingness, mindfulness, presence, communion with the Higher Self and the Divine, and through actions.

The intention to Love is not the ability to love. So many actions are merely trying to show the intention to love, but they are not embracing and delivering the love.

Starting from a place of filling our own hearts with Love and engaging in practices that feel and are loving to us, helps us become more aware of the presence of love that IS already here, not somewhere out there, it is present here, now. And we can access it anywhere, any time. It's infinite, timeless, and beyond a human being. A human being cannot give you the unconditional love you seek. That kind of love you can only find within you and from your creator. From this place of love, you are then able to perceive life through the eyes of love. You are able to communicate through a note of love, instead of fear, anxiety, ego, defense, aggression, judgement, blame etc.

When you peel all the layers, underneath it all, there is nothing but love.