The only Constant in Life is Change


This month I am celebrating "Endings and Beginnings"... and sharing with you a few lessons that may help you on your journey. 

The only constant in life, is change. Perhaps the ability to embrace change and obstacles is one of the finest qualities we can develop as human beings- for the only constant thing in life is change. 

When all doors close around you, don´t bow down, freeze, or try to force them to open. 

Instead RISE TO THE NEW PATH that is opening for you. Death and Re-Birth is the natural cycle of life. There is nothing wrong with you, and your life is not over. Embrace it all, don´t fight it, and let everything that no longer serves you go. 

ALLOW everything that needs to fall, to fall, and everything that needs to go, to go...just like leaves fall off a tree...let it all go, and embrace the new...Yes, even if you can´t see the full path ahead...let it all go, trust and rise <3