Forgiveness sets everyone free.

Through the opening of the Heart Center we break down the barriers that separate us, and keep us in a numb state, from feeling our brothers pain.

As we open our Hearts, and begin to see the world through the eyes of Compassion, our Love dissolves the very barriers that keep us separate and numb to each other's pain.

When someone hurts you, they expect a reaction on the same energy frequency as theirs. That reaction may not be the same level of the wrong they committed, such as violence, but it vibrates on a lower frequency - anger, hate, horror, disgust. It is the same energy frequency as it.

As we begin to transcend our Ego and Personality Self, we open the Heart Centre and vibrate at a Higher Frequency than the events that hurt us, or the consequences of the events that hurt us.

— Nara Lee

Love is a force so gentle yet so powerful, it is the only force that can destroy evil. Evil bows down and melts at the heating melting Power of Divine Love.

For we were made from Divine Love.

Only when we forget our true essence, we begin to falsely believe that we are separate.

It feels almost like a bird who has had his wings cut of and is angry and needs to reclaim his sense of power somehow.

What this being does not understand is that

Our Source of Power is not in our physical force, brutal words, or anything that we can do with our bodies. Our Source of Power is the same Power that created US.

— Nara Lee

Denying it, and moving away from it, believing that we are "separate from" leads us to go on a crazy hunt of a False Sense of Power.

No matter how real it feels, it is on the illusionary world, you are still very far away from your True Power when you operate “power” through your Physical Experience.


Transcending who we think we are, is the first step, to freedom.
— Nara Lee