Trust your Intuition


Trust your Intuition

The rational, mind although smart, sometimes gets in the way of a form of Higher Guidance, that we all have in common: Our Intuition.

Although our intuition, when analysed with the rational brain never seems to make sense at the time, it is more often than not, our most intelligent form of Guidance.

When our head says one thing, and the voices outside of ourselves say another, Intuition, may just be the voice we should all be listening to... 

How I learned to start Trusting my Intuition and take it more Seriously:


More than a year ago, I was in Lisbon, Portugal, and I had plans to go back to my other home in London, and be with my boyfriend. Something told me I shouldn't go, in fact, I felt an energy pulling me, to stay where I was. But then during a mani/pedi session, my brazilian manicure says "oh Nara, you shouldn't leave your man alone for too long". lol. And so my rational brain was activated, against my intuition. Later that night, my guides sent me a song out of the blue, that started playing in my head, and i felt drawn to look up the lyrics and watch the music video. One of the songs was "Annie are you Okay" or rather, "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson, where he says "You've been beat by a smooth criminal".

I still didn't get what this message meant.  Then I received "Beat it" by Michael Jackson. I looked up the lyrics, because I wasn't getting what they meant and what "beat it" meant. And if you watch the video clip, it's  Michael innocent playing with bad boys and wanting to belong to this gang. But they are too dangerous for him, and he should just make a move. The song says "just beat it", which after I looked up the meaning of the lyrics, it means "drop it" and he has to walk away. "It doesn't matter who's wrong or right, just beat it". "You wanna stay alive, you better do what you can, so beat it".

Nevertheless this message was crumbled and I didn't get it. My cards signal separation and the need to be alone. So my brain, said, maybe the cards are showing what will happen if I don't go. Again, my rational mind, not trusting Higher Guidance.

Days later, I was attacked by my boyfriend in London, at home. And I almost died. To stay alive, I had to "beat it". I was hit by a smooth criminal. And soon calls "Nara, are you okay?"...and I just "beat it". I didn't try to make it right, I walked away, that same day, and never to return.

Moral of the story? When choosing between your Intuition and your Rational Mind and the stories people tell you, or what they think you should do - don't listen to them nor to your rational mind.

Listen, to your Intuition. Trust your Intuition.