Should you Follow Passion or Money?

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”      

 Vincent van Gogh

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”

Les Brown

“It is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to succeed in the dharma of another. Nothing is ever lost in following one’s own dharma. But competition in another’s dharma breeds fear and insecurity”


We live in a society where following your passion seems to be a crime, and betraying your soul seems to be the glorified way of living. Where making money without a soul is more celebrated than having a soul and then creating money from it naturally.

Where somehow because you are pursuing your passion, you are somehow deemed “irresponsible”.

“What are you doing?” they say. “Don’t you have  a real job to do?”

Suddenly following your heart makes you an outcast, and betraying your soul is celebrated.

This leads to the feeling of GUILT. Guilt developed when we spend too much time having too much fun doing what we love.

Our adult self  kicks us on the back and says: “be a responsible adult, you are not a child anymore! Go do some real work!"

Then we take the same approach, and try to get our children to become responsible adults too, and suggest that they choose a degree that has high probability of making money or that may ‘guarantee success’ or result in getting a “real job” that makes some “real money”.

And so the journey begins. Of chasing the money and the killing of our dreams. Where “the money” seems to be "the" way out into our dreams, and not the other way around.

Perhaps living our dreams and following our passion is the way, to something way greater than money - everlasting happiness and inner-fulfillment.

“Who am I to follow my passion?” - you may say.

“Look at all these people starving and suffering, do you think they have the LUXURY of dreaming and following their passions?”      

Now suddenly your passport to personal success and fulfillment has become a “luxury”, then you wonder why you are not successful in the first place, and continue to chase success instead of following your passions and allowing them to lead you to success.

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Q&A with the Masters:


1. Why are success and passion so interrelated?

When you work for something you don’t love, you can’t wait to get it over and done with. And even when you work long hours and days, you still cannot wait for the day when it's all over so you can finally relax and do the things you love.

When you do the things you love,  you are at your highest and your best ALL the time. It is a pleasure and an honour to do what you do, and you would do it even if you were not being paid for it.

Passion is something that you could happily and easily spend the rest of your life doing, and knowing deep in your heart, that you could die happy because you lived a full life, doing what you truly loved every single day, and that you are fulfilling your purpose.

Once you get to that place, success is a lot easier because it is only a mere expansion of who you really are. You are not pushing or forcing, you are just being. And you are channeling your creations and work from that inner place of truth rather than from a place of competition, copying, stealing ideas, trying to look good to society or belonging.

Your personal growth and success go together.

Here you can find untouchable success, because you are in your element, no one can steal your place.

In this state of being, there is no competition because you are way beyond competition - you are shining your own UNIQUE light in a way only YOU can do, and that, is limited edition.

The 'lesser version' of success is one that is fabricated. It is not created by channeling your Light but by manipulating external resources.

That is one route but it is more fickle and has more probability of failure, stress, competition, insecurity, and even complete collapse.

You see, money does not equal success.

Fulfilling your hearts desires + your Soul Purpose + your Life Mission = Success.


And with that, money can come with the package too.

Money is part of the package of Success. But money alone is not success.

It is fickle, temporary, and a mere lie that feels so real. One must connect to that which is truthful and eternal.

Passion and Money go hand in hand only if Passion is

1)  Nurtured

2) Expressed

3) Shared

4) Channelled effectively into the material world using also the laws of the material world

Pursuing passion without a vehicle to express it can drain and limit your passion.

Artists who paint and keep their art in their garage hidden away, cannot make a living from their art. Yet they are passionate and talented. To ignite your passion you must find a way to successfully share it. Or you can never make a living from your passions. 

2. Why are there people who follow their passion and do not make money ?

People who follow their passion and don’t make money do not have a problem of passion. They have a problem of execution, a clash with the material world. They must learn how to combine  their passions with actionable execution in this material world. This means a new set of skills.

Passion is not enough, you must also have strategy, execution,  more hard science skills. And be skillful. You must learn the laws of the material world.

3. So should we follow money or follow passion?

You must follow passion and combine it with the skills required to make money. Heaven meets earth. We often say that you are spiritual beings having a human experience. This means that you must bring your unique soul essence into the world, but also work with the laws of the material plane.

One without the other takes us into a life that is out of balance. Because too much identification with the material world only leads to suffering and constant emptiness which we try to then fill with more material pleasures, and never get enough it, because it will never be enough.  We are looking in the wrong places and our tank will never be filled in this way.

Then too much identification with Spirit world and the world of creativity without a vehicle for channeling that energy into the material plane, leaves us also feeling like an outcast of society, that we are unable to even spread our message to its highest expression because we have not mastered the laws of the material plane.

So we need both.

4. What must we do in a period of transition?

We ask that you follow your heart and work from your heart center.

Daily fill Light into your heart center as a way of healing and repairing.

Think divine love and compassion and forgiveness not only in words but in action in your own body.

The question regarding your mission and work has been answered. That you must continue to do something to help you financially in the meantime until your heart centered business is fully up.

BUT you must dedicate a significant number of hours daily to your heart centered business.

And in your 'money business', find a way to lead it also from the heart, make it a heart centered business too.

In Conclusion:

Passion and Money are not mutually exclusive.

Finding your passion will fuel your ability to make money even IF you are not yet making a living from your passion.

Note: This article is a combination of two channeled messages together with a few edits i made. I tried not to edit too much in order not to dilute the message. If it sounds a bit long, crumbled and has a different tone, this is the reason why. But try to focus on the message, and not the messenger or its format.

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Have you ever had an inner conflict between Passion and Money? Are you following your passions or are you following the money, or both? What is keeping you from pursuing your dreams and following your passion?

Feel free to comment below.