Resistance, The Obstacle to Growth: How we Block Life's most Precious Gifts, without even Realising


"There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do."


Have you ever wondered, how come things can go your way 100% at times and at other times, you do your best but things are not going your way?

Divine order says that there is order amongst chaos, for everything that is happening is happening just as it should be. There is also a higher plan for your life, something you only can do, and a place you are to fill that no one else can fill.

But how on earth do you discover this mysterious path? Where do you know where to go, what to follow and not follow?

Divine Intelligence, speaks to us in many ways and is always guiding us. The most common form of this guidance, is through signs, and sometimes even through obstacles and challenges.

To understand this guidance, and follow the signs, we need to be open and receptive to these, if we are to listen, grow and evolve to the next stage of our lives. The truth is you will always be evolving to the next stage of your life, the difference is that, when you are the sole commander, you can move a lot, do a lot, keep your days busy, but all that time, you may still not have even touched the work you came here to do. In other words, you have settled for a lower version of yourself by assuming you are the only chief commander. And you have gone to many places but truly gone nowhere. It's almost a sleepy state, when we operate on auto-pilot, and don't stop to even contemplate or to receive guidance.

So how exactly can we be blocking life's perfect gifts?

1. Control

The first and most common way in which we block life's perfect gifts, is through the idea that we are always right, that we know better, and that we alone know what´s best for us. With this attitude, also comes a resistance to new things, and new opportunities that challenge our comfort zone. This comfort zone may be so ingrained in you that even whilst reading this, you may be in denial that you do indeed have comfort zones.

We all have comfort zones, some thicker than others. What is important to know and recognize, is that we only grow by challenging our beliefs, our routine and by expanding our comfort zones.

In addition to comfort zones, it can also be the 'being in control mode'. Sometimes we can be so in control to the point that we don't allow or rather block a more intelligent level of control to guide us.

So instead of allowing all the magic and goodness that is in store for us, we block it. But we don't know or feel as if we are blocking it. For the ego makes sure the illusion of control is very real.

2. Giving up

In more challenging times, we are more prone to giving up and may even give up.

The tricky part comes when you need to understand: is this challenge here to test my resilience and its for me not to give up? Or is the message for me to give up and do something else?

You will hear all successful people say "Never Give Up".

We block the flow when we give up. But again if you are in control mode, you will not be able to hear if you are meant to give up this particular thing and to take a new direction, or if you are not meant to give up at all on this particular 'thing' and try a new way.

I this question mark, the most important thing  is not give up asking the right questions and allowing yourself to receive the guidance.

The key, is to always get out of the way. . .

Moving Out of the Way

So, sometimes, it's not that our prayers are not being answered but more like you are blocking the flow by always wanting to be in full control of your life.

You can be in control of your life, whilst also allowing life to show you some magic. I see this more like a river that is is always flowing - it can encounters rocks and obstacles on the way, but it never stops flowing, and it may also find beautiful stones and leafs and other elements from nature on its journey, but it does not block them or fight these elements, instead, it continues to flow with these elements.

How to Allow Lifes' Gifts for You:

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