Heal your Past and Transform your Life

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“I am not not my past, I am not my experience.
I am who I choose to be”

— Nara Lee

The past cannot be changed.

Yet, when the present is polluted with seeds of the past, it prevents us from being free in the present moment. What took maybe 15 minutes, 1 hour, or months, or years, in the distant past, has now come to haunt and pollute your present and your future.

You sit here today, angry at what happened. You maybe want justice, revenge, compensation for the damage that was caused in your life.

You look at yourself and you say “But I was so perfect before this happened. If this hadn’t happened, my life would be so different.”

You start seeing yourself not through the lense of who you are today, but through the lense of who you used to be before a negative experience happened in your life.

And you can’t seem to find your ground.

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The beautiful, amazing and perfect woman you once saw yourself as, no longer exists.

The person you are today, is not who you were, or who you want to be.

You secretly wish “I wish my life could just be normal” and, “why did this have to happen to me?” and, “I don’t deserve any of this”.

You look around and you start comparing your life, with other people’s lives.

They seem so happy and normal.

“Why can’t I just be happy and normal?” - you silently think.

“I know, that because of this experience, I will never be like them, and no one will ever understand me”. 


Every day you wake up, it feels like a battlefield. You are fighting, invisible soldiers, that exist, in the battlefield of your mind.

In one of the most precious and most sacred parts of you - for that is the Central Operating System, that controls how you perceive reality.

An attack to your Central Operating System, can be detrimental to your life, health and wealth. For your entire power and strength, comes from there.


You decide that you want your life back. You want to return to“normality” and delete, bury, burn and wash away this memory that is poisoning your mind, and your entire life.

It feels scary and vulnerable to even to accept everything you don’t want to accept, and that you wish never even happened. Why should you accept something that harmed you? Why should you accept something that caused you so much pain?

You secretly say “No, I don’t accept any of this. And No, I don’t forgive”.

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I am here to ask you: Do you want your life back? Do you want perhaps an even better and more magnificent life that you had before? Are you tired of all this pain and suffering?


If you want your life back, the first step, is to write down every little consequence that that event and experience has had in your life. How much did it cost you? Emotionally, Physically, Health Wise and Financially - how much did this cost you?

The second question is - what did you get in return, as a result of paying that price? Are you achieving the positive results you want in your life?

The third question is - what would you like to experience in your life instead?

How would you like your life to be?

And the final question is - are you willing to continue paying the same price, especially for something you believe you don’t deserve?

Download the Worksheet below, as it will gently guide you through this process.



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You see, when we deeply believe that we deserve better, we Rise Strong like an eagle, and evict everything from our lives and experience that is keeping us from our Greatness.

That involves negative people, circumstances and even past memories that are affecting your life in the present.


Having the life that you want, dream of and deserve starts from first, Loving Yourself Unconditionally, so deeply and without limits.

You need to turn the intensity of Love not a little bit, but you gotta turn it to the maximum.


We are in Emergency Mode. "Light" and "Little", will not save you. You have to go deep, and with full commitment to Love Yourself to Success.


But how can you love this person that you somehow perceive as“broken”“imperfect” and somehow “unlovable”?

You may ask “but what is there to love? I hate myself”

I want you to imagine a child. When a child is sick, isn’t that when he/she most needs his/her mother’s care and nurturing? If a baby is sick, what does the mother do? She takes extra care of the child, gives him or her more love, more comfort, more nurturing and care. She doesn’t say “you are sick, how can I love you” . Can you imagine what that would do to a child? It would kill that poor child.

So every time that you use those same words and feelings towards yourself, you are silently killing yourself.

When you most feel unworthy and undeserving, that is when you most need to increase the amount of Love you give to yourself.

You must look at yourself through the eyes of Love - and say:

“Baby, I got this. I am going to take care of you. I am going to love you, like I have never loved you before, and WE are going to make it through, because - I Love You”.


Love is the most powerful force in the entire Universe. It can truly heal your life, and transform ALL parts of your life.

In order to Love and Appreciate who you are, despite your failures, imperfections and negative experiences, you must first Love and Accept what is and what has been - no matter how messy or imperfect.


Even with this understanding, you may ask - but how can I love myself? How can I accept myself?

In order to do that, you must separate the True You, from the “small you”. And to connect with a part of you, that is bigger than your experience.

You must come to a deeper innate knowing, with every single fibre of your being, that

“I am not not my past, I am not my experience, I am who I choose to be”.

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You must set yourself free from everything that has held you hostage.

And wake up to the Magnificence and Perfection of your Being.

To surrender all parts of yourself to God - and say

“I am ready, for a New Dawn”.

That is all you have to do.

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