How to Receive Divine Guidance


Everyday life is often busy, full of responsibilities, chores and decisions we have to make. At times we can experience amazing "flow" and at other times we may experience resistance or blockage. Whether we are in flow or out of flow, connecting with Higher Guidance helps us make clearer and Higher decisions, not from our ego and lower selves, but from our Higher Selves.

Have you ever heard the saying "God has a bigger plan for you than the plan you have for yourself" ? This is exactly what we are talking about. To connect to the Higher plan, anything that is in the way, including you sometimes, has to move out of the way, in order to hear, and receive that guidance.

I often wake up, with a clear plan. My plan, or my solutions to whatever has presented itself to me. After I connect through meditation, I have an even better plan than I had before. It feels as though my mind, when it is 'disconnected' it doesn't think as clearly and does not necessarily make the best decisions that are aligned with my Purpose. But if I just get out of the way, connect and allow, I start receiving all the answers, resources, opportunities, and so on - because I got out of the way. Sometimes what I receive is even better than I imagined or could possibly conceive on my own. My sense of wow and amazement truly leaves me even more in love with Life, the Magic and Beauty that this entire creation is.

If there was only one advice or gift I could ever share with anyone, I guess it would be to recommend / suggest that you too try, to connect with some form of Higher Guidance - which of course comes from the Creator of all of Life.

If you would like to try it for yourself, here are 5 easy ways in which you can start practicing getting out of the way, and start receiving Higher Guidance:

1. Intention

Set the Intention. Ask. Then Allow.

Intention carries tremendous power, more than we are often aware of. Instead of say being bogged down by a challenge or major decision you need to make, or even something you don't have but really want and need and don't know how to get it- try to get out of the way by setting the intention that you wish  to resolve this situation, and that more importantly, you would like to be guided to the Highest and Best solution and way for this challenge. You need to set a clear intention that you wish say to resolve this and that you are willing and open to receive Higher Guidance

Make a conscious decision and Intend to Receive and expect to receive. Although this may sound simplistic and common sense, putting it to practice, opens the way.

When we acknowledge that no matter how smart we are, we still don’t always know better, we open ourselves up to the only real smart decision we can ever make:  to get out of our own way, and to receive to Higher Guidance.
— Nara lee


You can set your intention in your mind, or even speak it out in prayer, and ask for guidance with a firm intention to have the situation resolved (i.e. don't do the "poor me" situation - instead intend to receive guidance on the best way out of whatever mess or situation you need to resolve).

Wayne Dyer wrote a book called The Power of Intention and uses the term in more ways, but if you watch this short video, you can get an idea of what "Intention" means.

2. Faith and the Power of Positive Expectation

Once you have set your clear intention, surrender and expect to be guided. Instead of having negative expectation, have a positive expectation that you will receive the answers, guidance and that everything will be okay.

In order cultive this power of faith in Higher Guidance and positive expectation, part of us must acknowledge that there is a Divine Intelligence that not only created you, me and the entire Universe. This same creation, created you and also gave you the power to create things.

Ask you shall receive. Seek and you shall find.


When we ask and Surrender, we start clearing the way, to receive. The second step after surrender, is Faith.  Surrender plus true faith (not pretending you have faith or just saying, but really having it at your core), begins to open the channel of Divine Guidance, miracles and gifts.

3. Meditation 

Meditation has been around for thousands of years, and recently been turned into a mainstream practice due to its many health and well-being benefits.

Practicing meditation helps us quieten our minds, and the mental chatter and noise from the outside word and inner word, to finally gain a sense of peace silence, clarity and purpose. You may say "oh but I am already a peaceful person" or "I find peace by going out or sleeping". But that's not the peace we are talking about.

There is a special kind of "silence" , that place where your mental chatter is slowed down and it's just silence and peace. Then you begin to go Higher, and you realise that you are not even this body, you are so much more. The experience "out there" is just one experience, but it is not who you are. In this silence you then can begin to connect with your Higher Self, and to also receive Divine Guidance.

This is not to say that you are not being guided, when you don't meditate. I believe that we all are. BUT the issue is, we just don't listen'.  And meditation allows us to listen.

Through meditation and prayer we can  get direct access to God. It takes practice and dedication, but the sooner you start, the better.

4. Signs

Guidance and help comes in many ways. One of the ways is through signs. Signs are so powerful, because they give us clues that we are on the right path, or not, and even of the next steps we should be taking.

I met a woman recently when I was in a salon, and she said "for the past 3 months, I have been receiving these number signs all the time. 1212 and 0404 everywhere. I am starting to worry and I don't know what it means". I smiled and told her it's a very clear sign and she shouldn't fear it but instead look it up. The other woman said "no no, don't look it up, it's nothing."

And I smiled. Because we often sit and pray, we ask for guidance and when we receive it we ignore it. It's like saying God help me, then God sends you a boat, a plane, a helicopter and just about everything to help you but you don't accept it because you are not paying attention or are not taking things seriously.

Mike Fecht did a Ted Talk called The Journey to Authenticity, a new way of Being - where he shares a powerful story on how he was guided too through various signs.

Sometimes, it’s not that we not being guided. But rather that we are not listening and paying attention.

— Nara Lee

The bottom line is, Pay attention signs on your path. These can come in the form of "coincidences" and "serendipity", dreams, number sequences, a word or name that drops into your conscience out of the blue (when this happens, make sure you google it, and follow the trail), finding objects, or elements, etc.  Be open and receptive.

4. Dreams

Dreams are the door way to the subconscious and much more. There are many different types of dreams, and not all of them "mean" something. However, a lot of guidance does come through dreams, but again, we often don't even recall our dreams, as we start our days in 'busy' mode.

I would suggest keeping a Dream Journal next to your bed. Every morning when you wake up, before you speak to anyone, or even look at your phone, start writing down your dream or dreams. Then close the book and go about your day.

You can always refer back to your dream book and connect the dots. If there is a particular dream that carried strong emotion or had clear signs that you recalled, check online or in a dream dictionary the meaning of those symbols and signs and see if they mean anything to you. 

5. If you still can't listen, hear or receive, go to someone who can

If you cannot hear or receive, you can always seek help from someone who can.

Earlier in my spiritual days, I was doing spiritual practice but I wasn't receptive enough to hear anything. I was connected but not "that" connected, so I needed a little bit of extra help to receive my guidance.

I would do this through Mediums mainly who channeled messages. There are different types of Mediums and they each access different planes and information in different ways. Some connect to your loved ones who passed, and others can go to Higher Planes and connect with Ascended Masters of Light, your Guides and Angels.

This may or may not be right for you, if it feels "too much" for you, you don't have to do it. 

Start with a daily meditation, and take it from there.



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