How to Deal with a Heartbreak

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You were born and made from Divine Love.
When you forget your Divine Essence and True Worth, you accept and chase lesser loves.
— Nara Lee

Following any heartbreak, disappointment, or break up, you cannot help but wonder what happened to the Love. You cannot help but think "I don't understand, I thought we loved each other, and that we were soul mates! What happened???!"

You feel let down, disappointed, confused, betrayed. Because when you believe in Love, you expect the other person to not only believe in Love, but to hold your relationship with respect and commitment.

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Asking the Right Questions

Most women's first response, following a heartbreak is "What can I do to get Him Back?" or "What did I do wrong?" or "How can I change myself, so he can love me more?"

All these questions, take away all your power, and send you in the wrong direction.

Instead of asking, "What can I do, to get him back?", you should ask "What can I do, to get myself back together".

Instead of asking "How can I change myself, so he can love me more?", you should instead ask "How can I see myself clearly, so I can give more love, to myself?"

Instead of looking for everything you did wrong, even when you cannot find the answer after digging through your mental archives, you should instead focus your attention on everything you did right. 

And if after everything you did right, your "soul mate" did not honour, value and respect your sacred relationship, the last thing you should be doing, is looking for reasons in you to justify his wrong-doing. 

The world is already brutal, so the last thing you need, when in the privacy of your own space and company, is to have you beat yourself down


Seeing Yourself Clearly

Most times, the reason why we accept less than we deserve, is because we cannot see ourselves clearly.

I was in a state of deep meditation, when my Guides, showed me a Ray of Love from the Divine. Divine Love felt like a soft gentle peaceful caring Love, unconditional, so beautiful and so pure and extremely peaceful. In that space, there is no shouting, no screaming, no shakiness, no nastiness, no torment and no turmoil.

There is no blame, there is no revenge, there is no disrespect, there is no drama. Instead, there is this sense of Infinite Peace, that is so great, all loving and all encompassing. Certainly no pain. It recognises our own Divinity, and it reminds us that we are the Divine in incarnation. And it reminds us that:

We come from Love, and we come from true Divine Royalty, but sometimes when we get to earth, we forget who we are, the vows that we took, and we accept lesser loves, not remembering who we truly are.

We start feeling that we have to earn or deserve something, when we were made out of Love, as the very incarnation and Expression of Love, thus born worthy and qualified of the highest and most powerful form of Love.



Reconnecting with the Divine

And this is where, reconnection with the Divinity is important. It reminds you of what you have forgotten. It reminds you of who you really are. And reminds you that you are worthy of so much more than what you have been accepting, in your state of inertia. Because you are so much more.

It reminds you that even the best Love you have ever received on earth, is not even close to the full potential and manifestation of Love and the Bright Light of your Soul.

So the work, is not to get anyone back, but to give yourself intense amounts of Love, and Awaken your Heart Center, to help you reconnect with Divine Love.

You can achieve this through spiritual practice, of which there are many. The simplest one that anyone can use, and can start with, is meditation. Then, in isolation or in combination, is to work with Affirmations of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.

The traditional affirmations of Self-Love are "too earthy", and they don't really go into the connection with the Divine. When you need to be stronger than yourself, you must connect with your Higher Self. The Affirmations below help you put positive and healthy love back into yourself, and also help you Awaken your reconnection with the Divine.

Calling your Love for the Right Name

So what you have been so blinded by, is nothing, but a Smoke of Love.

It looks like very much like Love, but it’s just Smoke.

The Smoke of Love: It looks very much Like Love, but...It's Just Smoke!

Nara Lee