Mornings are the most important part of the day, for they set the precedence and direction of your entire day.

You may have read my previous post called inspiration and expiration which talks about the flow of energy - to first gather and receive energy, to then be able to share that energy in the form of work, art or your daily interactions.

When we operate from an empty place we are bound to run dry.

Given the nature of fast paced life, we are also bound to be caught up in endless work and social commitments and forget or not have time to refuel.

Imagine your body as if it was a car. You wake up the fuel tank is on red, but you are so busy trying to get from A to B and get things done that you don't even realise you are running out of fuel. You start work and you can't really concentrate and focus. Or mind is a little bit all over the place. Or you get home after work and you feel restless and all you want to do is to go out. When you are out, you are now in ego mode, looking for external fulfilment to fill this anxiety, restlessness and 'whatever' you can't describe. You drink, smoke, hang out, or perhaps look to meet a hottie or some hunk. All perfectly normal things.

But when you refuel first and do your morning rituals, your day is different.  It is centred, balanced, you don't need anyone or anything to make you feel relevant, loved or appreciated. Your mind is not a chatter box but it is laser focused.

After work, drinks are fine, but they are not done as a means to fill a void or to "keep you busy". Every time you are trying to "keep busy", your heart is calling you home.

Morning rituals you can do to recharge include:

  • Meditation 

  • Prayer 

  • Affirmations

  • Yoga / Tai Chi / Qi Gong

  • Exercise (but still add meditation to this)

  • Writing in a journal (morning pages)

The first two for me personally are non-negotiable these days. A day without these two, is a day where my head takes charge. A day with these two, is a day where my Higher Self takes charge. Both days are completely different. Ideally take at least 30 minutes a day to be in silence with yourself, in meditation and prayer. You can add everything else on top, but meditation should be non-negotiable. I often say,

The answer is always vertical, not horizontal! - Reacher Higher - above not in front...

What are some of your rituals of Self-Love?

If you are feeling uninspired, out of balance or simply need new ideas to boost your mornings and rituals of self-love, make sure you download the free checklist  - it has suggestions for every area of your life.