The Core: The Importance of Nurturing your Inner Self


In the world we often come from this mentality that I AM what I have.

This is the most dangerous position to be in, for, if you have nothing one day, who will you be?

It is important that we learn to develop a strong core - not a core physical muscle, but our own internal core. Just like the tree has strong branches and a strong trunk,  when the wind blows, that tree does not blow away with it, nor does it stop being a beautiful tree.

Our inner self is the most important of all. It doesn´t matter how much money you have or  don´t have, in how much luxury you live or don´t live, if your core is not strong. Why? Because wherever you go, even if it's to escape from something, YOU go with you. So you cannot run from yourself.

The worldly pleasures give us this illusion that by keeping ourselves busy, buying more things acquiring more, perhaps we are more cool and more worthy. Or perhaps we can escape feeling or dealing with things we rather numb.

When we are always searching for “next best thing” , we happen to always be searching and never really finding fulfillment, because we are always looking in all the wrong places.

The ultimate next best thing is YOU. You are the tree and you must water your own tree first.

Instead of spending time forgetting to water your own tree by only admiring other trees, watering them and trying to belong, possess or be one of them, you can choose to water your own tree first. There is nothing you can buy or own that can quench that thirst.

The strongest muscles are not our physical muscles, but those of the mind, soul and heart. Without these we are nothing. It drives everything, from our success to our failures, from our ability to be able to handle conflict, temptations, and even disasters that can happen in life.

Just like in nature, there will always be amazing summer days of sunshine and beauty, just as there will be snowy days, and rainy days with storms. How we handle these depend on our own inner core.

If we have lived our entire lives placing our attention outwards and that outwards changes, we could easily feel as though we are being equated to 'nothing', if for a second we believed  that we are or were those things. 

We are not. We are much bigger than the sum of our assets. Our existence and fulfillment cannot depend on temporary things.

You must be able to generate inner joy and fulfillment in spite of your external circumstances. You must be like a tree, where the wind blows but it’s trunk is strong and grounded. It can rain, pour, snow, or sunshine, but that trunk is always strong and grounded - not changing according to the seasons.

How to Develop a Strong Core

Developing a strong core, starts by coming closer and home to yourself. During stressful and challenging times, we may think that the answer is doing more and stressing more. But if instead we first surrender, slow down, and do less, in that "silence" and "presence" we can begin to move closer to ourselves and become aware of our true nature - that we are not this body, we are not this problem or challenge, and we are not even any of the labels attributed to us or experiences. Our true essence transcends all of that.

A very simple way anyone can start connecting with their core, is by simply starting to practice meditation or/and yoga, or any discipline that takes you closer to yourself, and forces you to practice mindfulness and become fully present in the moment - be it with pain or love, to just sit with it.

I devised a series of practices in my online programme called Awakening the Goddess Within, which has 31 daily practices that you can use to connect with your core. These practices are in essence timeless, for even I use them now - i.e. you can use them for life and they are not linear, you can alternate and use whatever practice works for you at a specific time in your life.

You can also try my Free 5 Day Self-Love Challenge, which has 5 daily practices you can try.