Suffering as the Gateway to Enlightenment

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God, why do we suffer?

You suffer for you have forgotten who you really are!

Being on planet earth, means that you will have many lessons to learn, master, and challenges and obstacles to overcome. 

These were placed on your path in order to elevate you and guide you to your Higher Purpose.

When we feel pain, when things do not go our way, when someone mistreats us, does not show love to us, the first reaction and response is to ask: "what have I done wrong?", "what did I do to deserve this?", "I have only given you love, why would you hurt or mistreat me?"

These questions place the source of pain and suffering on someone or some external event other than ourselves. We see us on one side, passive and neutral, then someone else causing our pain. We may even believe that if we did not open our hearts in the first place, that we would be safe.

Beloved, we are here to tell you, that the human experience is suffering. But it is also Love. Once you remove the barriers between Love and Fear, between Truth and Illusion, you can perceive the greater truth and your True Essence which is Love.

In reality, you cannot suffer because you are Love.

The 'you' that suffers, is that you that identifies with the earthy experience. It is the you that believes in its existence and identity.

The real you however is pure Light. It observes the other you that is suffering, comparing, judging, seeking searching. And it is constantly nudging and trying to bring you back home, to your essence.

Our work, is to simply shed more and more layers of the false self, of the personality self, of the public persona, and keep dropping all the layers that separate us from our True Essence.

Suffering is identifying with the circumstances. To transcend suffering, you must return to the Truth. To the Light, that is your Divine Self.

You are Love. Instead of seeking for more love outside of yourself, turn within, and Awaken new layers of Love.

You are Love. When you forget this, you will ask "but why don't you love me?"

No one has to love you, but yourself. Love yourself, express Love, be Love. There is nothing else, other than the lack of perception and awareness of Love. Within us, and all around us.

But when we expand more Love within, we can perceive more love without.

We must give to ourselves, everything that we ask of another.

Every time we demand more love from another, we must stop.

And demand more love from ourselves to ourselves.


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