The Missing Piece in Goal Setting No One is Talking About

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When we awaken to the Truth of our being, we are then able to create a life that is aligned with our Truth.
— Nara Lee

Goal Setting is the process in which we create a real life map, for turning our Dreams into Reality. This process includes a specific proven system, tactics, and strategies, that take us closer to the achievement of that Goal. It is said that if you don't have goals, you are living in vain, and you will end up working for people who do have goals and know what they want out of life. Or you will simply sit on the sidelines watching other people live the life you want to live, or collecting the prize you want to collect, simply because they set goals and worked to achieve them.

So setting goals, is as crucial, as it is the bridge between dreams and reality.

There are many Goal Setting Programmes out there that you can use, test and try, but why is it that despite all the amazing Goal Setting Systems, 90% of the people who use them, fail to achieve their goals or fail to follow through on their goals?

One could argue that maybe some are just lazy and don't do the work, whilst others do. Whilst that may be true, there is is also something deeper at play, and it's the most important piece in Goal Setting.

Before I share with you this "secret", it is important that you know, how I arrived at this conclusion.





How I Discovered the Missing Piece in Goal Setting

For as long as I can remember, I always worked with Spirit, but I have also been very grounded, focused, driven and motivated to achieve whatever goal I set myself. I still remember being 13 years old, living in Mozambique, and having a clear picture of where I wanted to be. I asked my mother at the time to send me England and she of course said no, because I was too young. I instead went the following year to a boarding school and then finished my education in Cape Town, South Africa - because my mother wanted me to be somewhat close to her. But as soon as I finished I started setting specific career and income goals.

When I went to work, I became the Top Earner in the company, for this reason alone. Then I decided I wanted to work in Real Estate and in the UK. I had never worked in real estate before, and I lived in Africa, just to put it into context. Fast forward, just a year after, I was living in the UK, working in real estate and travelling all the time for a living. Not only that, I again became the earner and performer in every single real estate company I worked for, beating people that had been doing that work for years and were far more experienced than me, using my goal setting system. I quickly realised making money was not a big deal, and I wanted to do what I loved, which was acting.

I took a year and half off, moved to LA and began studying acting full time - this was also a dream of mine, to just live as an artist full time, without worrying about money, so I could completely relax and let go. After that time, I returned to the UK to resume my real estate work, because at this point, I had my own company. As I returned, many things happened.

Fast Forward to 2015, I have my near death experience, where I almost lost my life, in a tragic incident of domestic violence. I was seconds from death. And in this moment, I realised, that I wasn't ready to die. The reason why, was because I had had a busy life, travelling all over the world, chasing and achieving goals, that at the face of death, they have nothing to do with anything.

In other words everything that I chased, everything I had achieved, meant 0. And whatever else I had on that Goal Setting List, meant also absolutely 0, and was worth 0.

The luxury house, in which I lay in as I said silently my last prayers, was absolutely meaningless. I could have been anywhere in the world, and I could be anybody. Rich, Poor, Black, White, my human life, would carry, the exact same value.

Nothing that we think matters, actually matters at all.

At the face of death, how much money you made became completely irrelevant, if you closed that deal yesterday was completely irrelevant. None of the things that we not only think matter, and worst, spend our entire lives chasing, mattered!

This was a HUGE wake up moment for me, which led me to finally realise the missing piece in Goal Setting.

The Missing Piece in Goal Setting.png

So, if none of the things that we put in our Goals list and run frantically after everyday, in the name of   "this is Life", matter at the face of death, then what actually matters?

What I received was that we ALL, came here for a reason, for a Purpose. But because half the time, we are

1) Disconnected from our True Source of Power (within) 

2) We become programmed through the process of socialization to the point that we no longer have personal identities but socially constructed identities, and

3) We buy into the programme of everything we are supposed to be, do and achieve  - we easily set our sails in the wrong direction  from Day 1.

Not only do we set our sails in the wrong direction, but we also create Goals around them. We set Goals and we frantically get busy pursuing and achieving those Goals.

However, what is important in this lifetime, is not that you set and achieve goals, created by your "false self", your "disconnected self" or your "ego self".

The most important thing, is that you Set Goals, Aligned with your Soul and aligned with your Life's Purpose.

This is the major life changing missing piece in Goal Setting. When you create that alignment, you are literally unstoppable, because it's like by held, sustained and supported by something much bigger than you.

But how on earth do you Set Goals, aligned with your Soul? And how do you go about achieving them?

The processes, systems and strategies are completely different from traditional goal setting and also use different strategies for achieving those goals.

It is by far the most exciting process of all times, and truly transformative. Even for me who I thought "I knew it all" and had achieved some goals I cared about, succeeded in some respects, all of this for me was brand new.

I then tested with something that was really kind of impossible, and way out there.  1 month after, my jaw dropped as this turned into reality. And I did more tests that succeed, as if by miracle. It is truly magical and overwhelming.

I began to realise that this is actually more serious than I thought, and truly important work that we all must do.

In December I will be teaching this process to a select number of students, who are keen to upgrade their lives. If you want to learn about it, please enter your details below, and I will email you the details, closer to the time.

For me personally, it has been the biggest gift and blessing I have ever received. And for you, I am certain that it will feel the same, so I can't wait to share this with you, as it is literally, life changing.

Leave your details below if you are interested in learning this method, and I promise to get in touch when it opens up.

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