The Script: How to Re-Write the Script of your Life


Are you waiting for a movie director to discover you? Watching too many hollywood movies?

Let me tell you sweetheart,  

Your life IS the movie.

And you are the Director.


 Don’t like the script?

Change it! This is IT.

One life. One chance.


Life is a blank canvas in which you can paint, with as many colors and textures. Everyone has dreams, hopes and aspirations. However, are you waiting for the right time, or the right moment to do something, be something or finally live that dream life? Do you think someone holds the key to your destiny or that perhaps one day you may "get lucky"? Do you feel as though something external and outside of yourself has control or is affecting your life?

You see, no matter what may have happened in your past or what you want to happen in your future, your life is literally like a movie script. That's why movies are inspired in real life - because Life is the script in it's rawest and purest forms. The question is:


What part do you play in the script that is your life? What is your role? Are you the screenwriter? The producer?  An actor? The director? An extra?

I want you to imagine for a second that there is no future. In that space, if there  is no future and this is IT, it means that everything that supposedly exists in the future, actually already exists in the present.

So the concept of “one day” is always an illusion of a future that will never exist, because the future is NOW (or rather, the future is created now). There is a time/space continuum where present and future both exist at the same time.There is nowhere else to go, nowhere else to be, for everything IS already here. And if there is a place you want to go or be, you create it from here, today. That movie you want to do "ONE DAY", is casting today. And if it is happening "today", what are you doing to make it happen “today” in your life?

Nothing will happen, until YOU make it happen

This means that if you are dreaming of “one day when i'm richer, one day when i'm thinner, one day when …” (i.e. a condition to make a change or a move towards something) – know that that day ain’t gonna come to meet you, unless YOU do something TODAY.

There is no tomorrow, only today

For example, in my Goals, under the area 'Physical', I may have put an image of my dream body - slim, toned, muscular yet feminine and with nicely toned legs and glutes. Knowing what i want to look like is only the beginning - day 1. Day 2, I sign up to the gym, get a personal trainer and a nutritionist for instance to start helping me achieve my goals, AND i execute and go work out everyday as i imagine that body is already here. I don't just sit and dream about a nice future body. I draw it to me everyday in the present moment, by changing my daily actions.

Nothing will change unless you change

So that day you are dreaming about is not coming to meet you. YOU have to get up your ass (excuse my french ;-) and go meet that day. Your destiny is not going to come meet you. It will knock on your door maybe. But you have to ultimately get up, open the door, walk through it and say YES.

You are the screenwriter, the producer, the director and the actor of the Script of your own Life.

If you are currently just an extra in the script of your life, it may be time to take that script into your own hands.

For that's all you have - your life and this present moment.

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Much Love & Light