Hi, I'm Nara Lee!

Practical Spirituality for Everyday Living

I'm an Entrepreneur for over a decade, a Spiritual Teacher & Artist.

I help Women succeed and Rise Strong from anything that may have dulled or is currently dulling their sparkle.

My approach is through aligning

1) All areas of your life into balance and

2) Designing new successful lifestyles - a life you truly love, rather than pretend to love because it looks good to others, through an integrative approach of Mind/Body/Spirit.

  Are you ready to create a life & business aligned with your true authentic self?

Business or Spirituality?


Behind the Scenes

For the past 12 years I have led a successful career in International Real Estate & Travel. My closet self was a highly creative and spiritual being, passionate about human behaviour, human potentiality and been doing spiritual work since age 11. In 2015 I almost lost my life, and had a series of Spiritual Awakenings which taught me the greatest lesson of all: that the most important thing we can do with our time here, is to live on purpose, and to leave the world a better place, with our own unique light. This 'wake up call' led me to decide to:

1. Live on Purpose and help others do the same

2. Help Empower Women to Conquer from Within

3. Dedicate my life to personal growth, healing, and teaching

4. Share what I have learned thus far, and help leave the world a better place,

through Profit for Non-profit projects

Our lives are always work in progress, but I commit to share with you, the lessons I have learned thus far.

Current Projects