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about the podcast

Subject Matter

Nara Lee is currently doing active live research on the following subjects:

  • Life Purpose

  • Living in Purpose

  • Living as your True Authentic Self

  • Answering your Calling

  • Passion and Profit

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Awakening and Purpose

  • Shift from Profit into Significance

  • Identity and Success


Thought Leaders

Podcast Guests are either established thought leaders and authors in the field of human behaviour and potentiality, science and/or spirituality with a clear understanding and expertise in the subject matter.

Real Life Experiencers

People from all walks of life, who felt the call to Answer their Soul Purpose, and a Calling from the Heart and Soul, and followed it blindly.  We will discover the challenges, and teachings from this Heart based Life Path.


Podcast episodes will be made available on:

  • Itunes

  • Soundcloud

  • Youtube


Nara Lee is a Transformational Teacher, Entrepreneur, Writer and Artist. She helps people awaken to their Life Purpose and their True Authentic Selves, to achieve Purposeful Success, through her channeled messages, books and courses. Her spiritual teachings are practical and actionable, removing much of the fogginess and bringing clarity to many of life's important subjects.

In 2015 Nara almost lost her life in a tragic incident of domestic violence, and this led her to a long and transformative healing journey from which her work of Life Purpose and Self-Love emerged. She learned that day, that there is nothing more important for us to do with our lives, than to do what we came here for, for if we lose our lives without having done what we came here for, it would have been a waste of a life.

She created Living on Purpose Podcast, to help listeners be inspired to discover their purpose, their meaning in life, and how to actually put it all into practice.

Nara also created a programme called Purpose Goals, which helps people discover their purpose and true authentic selves, and set and achieve goals that are in alignment with that, so they can live a life of Purpose, doing what they came here for.

Prior to doing this work, Nara acted as CEO of an international real estate company, managing projects usually from £200 mil to over a billion, on behalf of various international property developers and funds.

More about Nara: