Living on Purpose Podcast



Subject Matter

Nara Lee is currently doing active live research on the following subjects:

  • Life Purpose

  • Living in Purpose

  • Living as your True Authentic Self

  • Answering your Calling

  • Passion and Profit

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Awakening and Purpose

  • Shift from Profit into Significance

  • Identity and Success


Thought Leaders

Podcast Guests are either established thought leaders and authors in the field of human behaviour and potentiality, science and/or spirituality with a clear understanding and expertise in the subject matter.

Real Life Experiencers

People from all walks of life, who felt the call to Answer their Soul Purpose, and a Calling from the Heart and Soul, and followed it blindly.  We will discover the challenges, and teachings from this Heart based Life Path.


Podcast episodes will be made available on:

  • Youtube

  • Itunes


Nara Lee is a Social Entrepreneur, Spiritual Teacher and Artist.

In 2015 Nara almost lost her life, in a tragic incident of domestic violence. During her healing and recovery process, she experienced an expansion of the Heart and new found reconnection with the Divine. This led to her Awakening, through all energy fields, and re-connection with the Divine. She began to channel and was introduced to many new teachings.