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Subject Matter

Nara Lee is currently doing active live research on the following subjects:

  • Life Purpose

  • Living in Purpose
  • Living as your True Authentic Self
  • Answering your Calling
  • Passion and Profit
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Awakening and Purpose
  • Values based Business and Authentic Leadership
  • Shift from Profit into Significance
  • Identity and Success


Thought Leaders

Podcast Guests are either established thought leaders and authors in the field of human behaviour and potentiality, science and/or spirituality with a clear understanding and expertise in the subject matter.

Real Life Experiencers

Have you answered your calling and feel as though you are living your lifes' purpose? Have you changed your life from profit only into profit + significance? If so I would like to hear from you.


Podcast episodes will be made available on:

  • Youtube
  • Itunes
  • Email database of high net worth investors, travellers
  • Email database of subscribers
  • Email database of subscribers
  • Living on Purpose Free Library on

You will also receive a copy of the episode to use in your own marketing strategy if required.

Partnerships and Monetization

If you have any courses, events, workshops etc, these can be marketed for you.

The podcast will be used to introduce the audience to your work, and expertise on the subject matter. If they wish to know more and further continue their studies, they will be offered a special offer for your product or course.

Events: These will have to be listed directly on Travel with Purpose, and this link will be shared together with the podcast.

Your Host


Nara Lee is a social entrepeneur, transformational coach and writer. She is the founder of Travel with Purpose, and Center for Human Studies.

Travel with Purpose is an online platform designed to connect travellers seeking personal growth, healing and development with high quality events and retreats.

Center for Human Studies, is dedicated to the research and studies of Human Behaviour and Human Potentiality.

In 2015 Nara almost lost her life, and her process of healing lead her to various spiritual awakenings, and a call to do this work. She is committed to assist in the growth and awakening of humanity.