self-acceptance affirmations

This book contains powerful healing affirmations of Self-Acceptance and Overcoming Obstacles. Whenever you are going through a rough patch in life, recite these out loud 3x each in front of a mirror or to yourself. You will feel an immediately release and feel better after completing the whole book non-stop.


aFfirmations of money & abundance I

The Money & Abundance Affirmation series, is designed to help you heal any emotional, psychological and unconscious blocks to Money and Abundance. Each book works on a different stage of your journey-- from Opening up to Receive Abundance, to Increasing your Money Deserve Level, all the way to magnetising. 

PART I is Opening up to Receive Money and Abundance.


money affirmations for women

This book of Money Affirmations is part of the Awakening the Goddess Within Money and Abundance Affirmations Series, and ideally should be used in conjunction with the first book.

It is designed to assist you in shifting your energy and help you open up to more abundance, and let go of limiting beliefs around money and success, as a woman. PART I is Attracting Success as a Woman, PART II is allowing money to flow.

Each affirmation uses gold and pink on purpose, to help generate the subconscious association of Money with Love and femininity.