As a multi passionate entrepreneur, spiritual creative, with many different interests, I let go of the idea of creating the next 'tech startup' or thinking of business as usual in a perfectly wrapped box. I call these, projects, for they have a life of their own, a purpose of their own, and help different people in different ways.



awakening the goddess within

Category: Empowering Women & Healing

Awakening the Goddess Within is a programme designed to empower women, to heal from inside out and rise strong. At the end of 2015, I almost lost my life in a tragic incidence of domestic violence. This led me to embark on a transformative healing journey, that changed my life. I share the healing tools I received from my guides, and used during my healing journey,  so any woman can access anytime, anywhere in the world.

What's in it: My year long healing journey, compressed into a 31 day format; Self-Love Affirmations, and Self-Acceptance Affirmations designed for even days when you can barely get out of bed; Interactive Healing Journeys, so you can use and access them anywhere - on your phone, ipad etc. Online Masterclasses; Free Monthly Coaching Session.



travel with purpose

Category: Wellness Travel

Travel with Purpose is a platform that connects soul searchers and soulful travellers, with each other and with unique special resorts, events and experiences around the world - related to Spirituality, Personal Growth, Personal Development, Health & Wellbeing.

You can register to be invited and receive curated options aligned with what you desire, directly on your inbox on:


love luxury homes

Category: Luxury Travel & Hospitality

Love Luxury Homes is a private membership vacation rental platform that allows discerning travellers to discover and book High Quality and Luxury homes, directly from each manager. In this project we want to make the experience of travel, anchored in the energy of Love, Beauty and Inspiration.

Unlike Airbnb, all homes are serviced daily, some come with chef, butler, toiletries, etc. The focus is on security, peace of mind, and really, spaces of high quality and inspiration that you can find and book easily.