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Want to learn how to develop your psychic gifts?

Join Internationally Renowned professional psychic, Karen Barensche, for this weekend workshop and change your life!

Learn Practical Mysticism, how to contact your Spirit Guides, tap into messages for yourself and others. Utilise visualization, use your Chakras, Channel Energy, understand your Karma and much more.

Dates: 7, 8, 9 June

Times: 10am - 4pm

Location: Avenida Mau Tse Tung, 546, 20 andar esquerdo

Price: R5,950 or MZ 26,500 

About Karen Barensche

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Karen Barensché is a practical mystic who has been working as a professional medium for over

30 years. Her work evolved into teaching metaphysics and in 2005 Karen co-founded

MetaVarsity College in Cape Town,South Africa, now an international online faculty teaching

applied metaphysics in English, German and soon in Spanish. Karen studied and taught

spiritual and psychic development in the ‘90’s until 2005, prior to starting the college. The

business was sold in 2011 to give Karen the time deepen her journey and passion for exploring

the meta of life, which included evidence based intuition, neuroscience, quantum physics and

building peace. Her travels led to her to visit 38 countries, meeting mystics, teachers and

academics, activists, attending rituals at holy sites and connecting with people around the world

who are involved in spiritual, religious and cultural practises, constantly growing her knowledge

of the esoteric web of life in practice. Karen has returned to her primary joy as professional

medium and metaphysical teacher and is currently writing a book, filled with anecdotes,

describing her spiritual search for truth and the meaning of this crazy experience we call life.

Karen has a Ph.D in Metaphysics from the College of Theology, Minnesota, USA.