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Includes Awakening the Goddess Within Affirmations Book 1:

  • Money & Abundance Affirmations

  • Awakening your Prosperity Self - Opening up to receive abundance


Awakening the Goddess Within Affirmations, have been designed to help women restore their inner power, strength, confidence and build their inner muscle, by Awakening the Power of the Divine that already lives within.

The Money & Abundance Affirmation series, is designed to help you heal any emotional, psychological and unconscious blocks to Money and Abundance. Each book works on a different stage of your journey - from Opening up to Receive Abundance, to Increasing your Money Deserve Level, all the way to magnetising. 

When there is a lack of alignment between our internal world and our external world, we will subconsciously block, self-sabotage or not see the infinite opportunities of more money and abundance in our lives. This is yet another illusion, and so this work takes you back into clearing those blocks, and remembering your true natural essence which is abundance.

Lack is the Illusion. Abundance is your natural state and your birthright.

Book 1 has affirmations that help you open up to receive abundance, and increase your deserve level. It is the foundational work and should be ideally used in conjunction with Self-Love and Self-Acceptance Affirmations.

Unlike other affirmation books, these affirmations  are always connected to the Divine, and are here to remind you of your Divine Perfection, and abundance, as your natural state of being.

Each affirmation uses gold on purpose, for it sends a subconscious message to your brain, every time you read or look at each affirmation. The text and color are both used to inspire you, feed your mind with positive messages, and get you out the current state into a more positive and empowering one.

Important: Book I and Book II must be used together, as they are part of the same work. You can purchase both as a bundle for a discounted price, or each separately.

The foundation book, for any other work or pre-requisite for other affirmations, is the Affirmations of Self-Love.

If in doubt, and need to choose only one book to start with, I recommend you always start with Self-Love Affirmations, followed by Self-Acceptance Affirmations, then build up from there.